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Program:    WordTrending
Author:     Asif Shahidullah

   Analyzing the startFile and endFile; WordTrending performs case-insensitive
   comparisons for separate strings (herein called words) between the two files.
   Computing the frequency for each word in both files, the program then outputs
   (to the rankOutputFile) a list of all the words (one per line) occuring in the
   endFile (descendingly ordered by the frequnecy of the word in ONLY the endFile)
   along with the change in rank between the start and end file. If ties exist for
   frequencies in the endFile, the output line is preceeded with a 'T' to indicate 
   the tie.

   The startFile and endFile have the following format:
   The rankOutputFile has the following format:
         [T]R: {word} ({XX})

            [T]      Optional field, specifiying if a tie exists (see above);
            R        Rank of the word in the endFile, sorted in decreasing order;
            {word}   The word read from the endFile;
            {XX}     The change in rank of the word, i.e., +3, 0, -5, new et cetera.

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